Sirkel & Co

Charly Records – 1976

Guitars, Vocals : Eric Sirkel (E.T.) – Guitar : Mick Taylor (2,5,6,11) – Keyboards & Piano : Ronnie Leahy – Drums & Percussions : Collin Allen, Marc Frentzel (5,7,13) – Bass : Gordon Raitt – Horns : Chris Mercer, Mick Eve, Ron Carthy, Back-up vocals : Joy Yates, Lisa Strike, Jackie Sullivan

Pop/rock/folk/Rythm and Blues/English lyrics

Produced by Robin Millar for Charly Records. Distribution: Affinity/Motors/Polydor
Recorded at Rockfield Studios, Wales, Pete Townsend Studio, & Olympic studios, London.
All songs by E.T. (Eric Sirkel)

01- Stop it I’m green 2’50”
02- Living In The Laid Back 2’46”
03- Snow Fields 2’28”
04- Low Tide 1’34”
05- Riff A Bit 2’47”
06- I Haven’t Got Too Much Time 3’37”
07- East Cost Rocker 3’49”
08-Bathroom-swimmer-xtr.mp3 3’09”
09- Got a passion 2’54”
10- Nothing To Say 2’52”
11- Up in your cloud 3’03”
12- Sunday night 3’21”
13- Get Your Rool Up 4’11”

3 réponses sur “Sirkel & Co”

  1. Hi Eric-glad to see you’re alive and kicking after all these years! I bought your album “Sirkel & Co” back in 1976 and still think there are some excellent tracks on it. Have you considered uploading it onto “You Tube” so that others can enjoy it too?

    1. Hi Paul,
      Thank you for your appreciation !
      … and for your idea for “Sirkel & Co”. .. although I don’t handle technology that swiftly…
      Take care Paul. Thank you again,

  2. Excellent ! J’ai découvert cet album en achetant dans une brocante un CD de MICK TAYLOR dans la collection “Les Génies du Rock”. Je m’apercevais qu’aucun titre était signé par Mick mais par E. SIRKEL ! J’aime beaucoup l’instrumental “Low Tide” et “Riff a Bit”

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